Rustic Tribal Red Jasper Necklace Wire Wrapped with Red Tiger Eye

Wire wrapped red jasper stone with round red tiger eye, cracked jasper, tribal wood beads and smokey quartz chips rustic style brass metal wire.



Rustic Wire Wrapped Rose Quartz Heart with Red Tiger Eye

Rose quartz heart wire wrapped in rust color metal with round red tiger eye connected to a chain.


Nuummite Lace Choker Necklace

Wire wrapped nummite stone on black lace with dark gold metal chains and iridescent coated black facets.




Wire Wrapped Forrest Green Moss Agate Necklace

Wire wrapped in gold metal, green moss agate stone necklace. Made with hawk eye, yellow brecciated jaspers and amber colored facets on a gold metal chain.

White Gold Heart Necklace

Two heart charms made out of white gold on black coated brass wire. Made with onyx and black/black facets on a black chain.



The Sacred Merkaba Necklace

This is a Sacred Merkaba Star Stone wire wrapped in silver metal. Made with magnetic hematite and clear facets.

Wire Wrapped Oval Labradorite Necklace

A wire wrapped polished oval labradorite on a delicate silver metal chain.



Wire Wrapped Teardrop Amethyst Necklace

A thick teardrop cut faceted amethyst stone wire wrapped with tinned copper on a silver metal chain.



Shamballa Style Bracelet featuring Onyx 

This is a shamballa style bracelet with onyx and jet stones on black hemp rope.




Wire Wrapped Amber Agate on a Chain Necklace

This is a wire wrapped amber agate stone on a long copper chain with faceted honey copper beads and red facets.



Tear dropped Blue Quartz  with Prehnite and Labraborite Necklace

This necklace is a blend of Blue Quartz with other unknown minerals in a rough teardrop cut. Beaded with semi precious gemstone Prehnite, tribal style, and round labradorite beads




 Tiger Iron Skull Necklace with Garnet, Onyx and Jet

This custom made choker necklace features a tiger iron skull and has garnet, oynx, jet and clear faceted beads.




Onyx and Garnet Earrings

These earrings are onyx and garnet with a clear faceted bead.




Wire Wrapped Amber Agate Stone Necklace


Wire wrapped teardrop amber agate necklace. Made with brown pearl beads and amber facets right angle weave style on a dark metal chain.



Faceted Carnelian Dangle Earrings

Wire wrapped faceted teardrop carnelian earrings on dark metal hooks




Tribal Rose Quartz Necklace with Heart Pendant

A tribal rose quartz necklace. Made with round rose quartz, pearl beads and pink facets connected to a hears charm on a silver chain.




Wire Wrapped Fresh Water Pearl Dangle Bridal Necklace

A wire wrapped fresh water pearl bridal necklace . Made with citrine beads dangled on wire and a small chain dangled on a sturdy silver chain connected to a pearl bead and facets right angle weave style. With a sturdy silver chain end.



Pearl Bead Earrings

These are very elegant and simple pearl earrings . Made with semi precious gemstone faceted citrine beads on silver french wire earring hooks.



Chakra Pendant Neclace with Rose Quartz Skull

This custom made pendant necklace features a star rose quartz skull and has moonstone, smoky quartz, citrine, lapis, rose quartz, amethyst, and aventurine beads.




Chakra Dangle Earrings

These custom made earrings feature moonstone, smoky quartz, citrine, lapis, rose quartz, amethyst, and aventurine beads.


Wire Wrapped Amazonite on Right Angle Weave Style Necklace 

A wire wrapped pyramid shape amazonite necklace. Made with teal pearl beads and blue facets right angle weave style on a silver chain.



Silver Chain Dangle Earrings

Very fun silver chain dangle earrings with teal pearl bead and clear facet accents.



Aventurine Dragon Necklace

This custom necklace is made of an Aventurine dragon and a faceted Onyx Bead, strung together on dark wire and jet beads.



Faceted Black Agate Necklace

A faceted black agate stone necklace with round onyx, black and blue facets on a dark metal chain.



Faceted Onyx with Blue Aventurine and Hematite Bracelet

A faceted onyx stone with round blue aventurine and hematite stones linked on silver wire. 



Opal Charm Head Piece

Opal charm on a gold metal chain




Amazonite and Opalite Bridal Finger Chain Bracelet

Bridal chain bracelet made with opalite and teal pearl beads featuring two amazonite stones with handmade gold metal wire designs on a gold metal chain.




Rutilated Quartz Necklace

A nicely wrapped rutilated quartz necklace. Wrapped in gold metal wire with accents on a gold chain. 



Wire wrapped Rutilated Quartz Necklace

This custom wrapped necklace features a rutilated quartz stone wrapped in Gold wire on a gold chain.




Wire Wrapped Sun Stone Necklace with Pink Brecciated Jaspers

Wire wrapped sun stone Necklace. Made with pink brecciated jaspers, clear chips, pearl beads, citrine and pink faceted beads on a gold metal chain with an opaline charm.


Pink Brecciated Jasper Earrings

Pink brecciated jasper earrings with pearl beads and pink facets on gold metal hooks



Pink Brecciated Jasper with Rose Quartz Bracelet

Pink brecciated jasper bracelet with round pink quartz, clear heart spacers, pearl beads and pink facets on a gold wire.


Tribal Wire Wrapped Labradorite with Prehnite Necklace for Men.

A heavy wire wrapped labradorite stone necklace. Made with tribal prehnite accents and round labradorite with third eye and tribal spacers.



Wire Wrapped Labradorite Heart Necklace with Garnet and Jet Stones

Wire wrapped labradorite heart necklace. Made with round garnet, faceted jet and clear facets on a brass metal chain.




Labradorite, Garnet and Jet Bracelet

Brass metal wire linked bracelet with labradorite, garnet and jet stones with clear facets




Azeztalite Pendant with Blue Aventurine Necklace

This custom necklace is an Azeztalite pendant with blue aventurine beads and a dragon charm attached to Onyx and Citrine.


Shamballa Style Cracked Jasper Bracelet

Shamballa Style Bracelet with Cracked Jasper and Jet Beads on black hemp rope, closed with a silver lobster claw clasp.




Faceted Labradorite Necklace


An elegant Labradorite necklace . Made with semi precious gemstone labradorite  facets with blue bracciated jasper beads, iridesent heart spacers and blue facets on a silver chain. 



Faceted Labradorite Earrings

These are very elegant Labradorite earrings . Made with semi precious gemstone Labradorite  Facets on kidney wire earring hooks.



Labradorite Necklace with White Pearls, and Clear Facet Necklace

This is a very elegant Labradorite necklace . Made with semi precious gemstone Labradorite with white pearl and clear facets on a very flexible silver wire. connected to a flower toggle.

Stretch Labradorite Bracelets 

These are very elegant stretch Labradorite Bracelets. Made with semi precious gemstone Labradorite with white pearl and clear facets.

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